Let's Talk About the Cost of Turkey

Many of us give thanks on the third Thursday of November. Want to ensure you get the best bang for your bird buck? Check out our turkey-shopping tips below.

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Published Nov 8, 2019 in: Spending & Shopping

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Traditional Turkeys

If you're a Washington state resident, you're living in one of the areas where turkey costs the least. It all has to do with our number of grocery stores in proximity to turkey suppliers. What's more, frozen turkey is often a loss-leader in grocery stores. Beware of the cost of traditional Thanksgiving meal items that may be marked up.

What to buy:

  • Compare prices from the grocery mailers - how much is the cost of various traditional items that you'll need to supplement your table?
  • Purchase staples - potatoes, canned pumpkin, spices, canned cranberry - before the Thanksgiving rush
  • Shop membership clubs or co-ops for additional savings

Smoked Turkeys

The joke about your neighbor smoking a turkey on the lawn? That neighbor is now the envy of the block. As barbecue popularity expands, so does the desire for smoked turkeys, often available from your favorite barbecue food truck or joint.

Where to buy:

  • Ask your favorite bbq joint if they're cooking up turkeys for the big day
  • Google "smoked turkey" along with the name of your city (or a nearby metropolitan, e.g. Seattle)
  • Convince your spouse that now is the time to throw down for that smoker and do it yourself

Organic Turkeys

A tasty turkey is a happy, stress-free turkey. These birds live the good life, strutting around, cage-free, not a care in the world. Prices vary based on the turkey's diet - naturally, the most pampered birds are usually the most delectable - and waitlists for organic, farm-raised specimens can start as early as June.

Where to buy:

  • Google "farm turkey" along with the name of your city; while some are no longer taking pre-orders, many still sell directly from their farm
  • Seek out a local co-op, farmer's market or butcher
  • Check with high-end markets, including Whole Foods and Metropolitan Market

Whether it's roasted, stuffed, trussed or smoked, enjoy the day. We give thanks to you, our members!

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