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Take a Fresh Look at Your Debt This Spring

With spring just around the corner, have you thought about taking a fresh look at your debt?

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Published Mar 15, 2019 in: Credit & Debt

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As a BECU member, you have a list of debt consolidation options at your disposal. From consolidating debt on a low-interest credit card to unlocking the equity in your home, BECU is here to help.

Our Debt Consolidation Comparison tool can help you see how much money could be saved by consolidating debts including auto loans, credit cards, at a potentially lower interest rate.

Get Your Free Financial Checkup

Have you signed up for a Financial Health Check? When you sign up for a financial health check you receive personalized, confidential, one-on-one coaching from a BECU financial health specialist. The best part is, the financial checkup is free!

Financial health specialists will guide you through a variety of financial topics, including:

  • Professional guidance about how to stick to a budget
  • How to increase your savings
  • How to reduce your debt

Once you sign up, you'll receive a budget worksheet via email, which will ask you to track and gather your income and expenses to understand your finances as they stand now.

After you complete the budget worksheet, you'll have your scheduled phone call with a financial health specialist and be on your way to take action on your financial goals.

What About Non-Members?

Do you know someone who isn't a BECU member but could use a free financial health check? Luckily, it's easy to become a member, but until then, they can access our free financial health information at BECU.org/learn.

If you have any questions about the Financial Health Check contact us at financialhealthcheck@becu.org.

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Community Content Team

BECU's community content team writes about personal finance topics like budgeting, saving and building credit to help you reach your financial health goals.