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Welcome Military and Spouses

We're honored that active military, veterans and military spouses choose BECU for their next career after service to our country and communities. If you served in the armed forces, or are currently serving as a National Guard member, Reservist, transitioning from Active Duty, or supporting your spouse while they serve we want to hear from you.

Join the Brigade at BECU

  • Leadership, negotiation and teamwork skills highly valued
  • Military résumé experience noted during hiring decisions
  • Network, volunteer and reminisce with fellow veterans in BECU's Veterans' Group
  • Deployment compensation benefit – BECU pays the difference between military base pay and BECU salary
In the Navy, I oversaw that all rules and inspection requirements were followed. That work carries over well to my work in compliance. I also help with the BECU veteran group: It’s becoming a support system that I can turn to now that I no longer have the military.

— Kylie L., U.S. Navy Veteran, BECU Lending Compliance Officer

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