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Debit Card Fraud Alerts

We'll send you a text message alert if we flag a suspicious debit card transaction.

In addition to the phone calls we already make to identify suspicious activity on your account, we're now providing fraud alerts to all BECU debit cardholders via text message.

How it Works 

Our systems are constantly monitoring our members' account activity for patterns or abnormalities that might indicate fraud. If a debit card transaction on your account falls into this category, we'll automatically contact you via text message through the phone number listed on your account. If you don't have a cell phone on file, we'll give you a call on your landline and leave a voice message. If your phone has caller ID, you can verify us: 800-233-2328. Make sure you know how to tell if a fraudster is spoofing BECU's phone number. Find out more about scams to watch out for.

Important reminder: BECU will never contact you via phone, text, or email to request that you provide sensitive personal information such as your PIN or Online Banking password. 

Texts from this service will appear on your device from the number 328-74. Upon receiving the text message, all you need to do to confirm the transaction is reply with “yes”. If you didn't authorize the transaction, reply with “no.” 

Keep in mind, though, that your reply will only be used to verify if you conducted the transaction in question. It won't authorize us to attempt the same transaction again if it was blocked the first time.

Frequently Asked Questions 

No. Every member with a BECU debit card will receive the alerts. However, you might want to log in to Online Banking to make sure your phone numbers are current.

If you do not recognize the transaction and reply “no,” a card service representative will follow up with you. You can also reach our Card Member Security division 24/7 by calling 888-241-2440.

If you verify you made the transaction, you can continue using your card as you normally would., if the suspicious transaction was blocked, you'll need to reattempt it.

No. Like several BECU services, this is offered to members for free. Messaging and data rates may apply.

In this case, instead of a text, we'll contact you with a voice message.

Yes – if you'd prefer to not receive debit card fraud alerts, you may opt-out by contacting Card Member Security at 888-241-2440.