Digital Wallets

Paying Has Never Been Easier

Digital wallets are no longer the wave of the future: They're an everyday payment option. Use a mobile device to save your cards and pay at thousands of merchants nationwide.

Making Digital Payments Is Simple, Swift and Secure


Follow your device's steps – you may need to download an app (scroll below for individual device info). Just add your BECU card info and follow your device's steps. You're all set for the new way to pay.

Digital Payments Simple


Whether it's a tap, a wave or maybe even a thumbprint – a couple quick steps is all it takes. Use digital payments anywhere you see the contactless pay symbol. Avoid EMV approval time or digging around for your card – one, two, done.

Digital Payments Swifter


More secure than a traditional payment? You bet. Merchants never receive your card info, but a unique “token” (fancy banking talk for code).

Digital Payments Secure

Compatible Wallet Apps

BECU Mastercard debit and Visa credit cards can be added to your favorite wallet apps, including Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Simply open or download your device's preferred app and follow the prompts to add your BECU card(s).

Digital Payment Options

Apple Pay

Accepted anywhere the contactless pay symbol appears.

Digital Payments Apple Pay

Fitbit Pay

Accepted anywhere the contactless pay symbol appears.


Garmin Pay

Accepted anywhere the contactless pay symbol appears.


Google Pay

Accepted anywhere the contactless pay symbol appears.

Samsung Pay

Accepted anywhere the contactless pay symbol appears, Samsung Pay goes one step further: Newer Samsung devices are embedded with technology that connect to most magnetic swipe terminals.

Digital Payments Samsung

Frequently Asked Questions

Devices vary, but typically you just need to hold the phone up to the contactless pay device. Your phone will prompt you to unlock your phone (either with password or fingerprint).

Contacted by a merchant, or paid during a time that a major retailer announced a security breach? Peace of mind is a phone call away - you can always check with BECU to find out which method you used to pay, digital or traditional. When you pay using digital payments, your card info is not stored or transferred to the merchant. Your card data is protected.

If you want to update your card, the process is simple – in fact, it's easier than if you had paid the traditional way. Just delete your card from your payment app. Then, add the card back to the payment app as if you were doing it for the first time. The digital code associated with your card has been deleted and a new one assigned.

Nope. It's up to you. It's simply a convenient option for quick, easy and secure payments. Use it at a number of merchants and for many in-app purchases.

Of course! You do not need to pay to use the technology; however, like all transactions, merchants may still charge a credit card processing fee (depending on the purchase).

Begin with your device. Check if your device is compatible (and learn more about its functions) by clicking for more information on Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay.