BECU Dealership Financing FAQ

When shopping for a new vehicle, buyers can choose to work with any of our dealership partners to arrange financing through BECU. The benefit of this option is that you can complete your purchase in one visit to the dealership without getting preapproved for a loan ahead of time. The dealership works on your behalf and acts as BECU's agent in facilitating the loan application process and the transaction. You get the same rates and program benefits as you would when applying online, by phone, or at a BECU location.

No. BECU partners with 287 of the 454 dealerships currently operating in Washington state. We choose to work with dealers based on factors like their service standards and overall reputation. Visit the BECU AutoSMART to start your vehicle search.

Yes. In addition to Washington state, BECU partners with dealerships in select counties in Oregon and Idaho where residents are eligible for membership. See a list of counties eligible for BECU membership.

Yes. The dealership will submit a new application on your behalf because they are required to collect and validate some basic information from your credit report as part of the loan process. Also, the new application connects the dealership directly to BECU's lending system so the dealer can be paid when the transaction is complete.

No. Your credit will not be affected when the dealer submits the new application. Federal law allows for your credit to be pulled multiple times in a 30-day period for major purchases (e.g., homes, vehicles, etc.), so you can comparison-shop without impacting your credit score.

It's unlikely that the rate will differ significantly unless there's a change in the loan parameters, loan amount, loan term, vehicle year or market conditions.

Yes. Non-BECU members will automatically submit an application for BECU membership1 as part of the loan application process. BECU membership must be established before the purchase can be completed.

1 Member Share, Member Advantage, or Early Saver savings account required to establish membership; not everyone will qualify.

If you received a letter from BECU asking you to provide proof of insurance, you can do so at You can also call us at 800-233-2328 to speak with a BECU representative if you have any questions.