90.3 KEXP

Powering Music. Powering Community.

Sounds of Seattle

We're listening to members AND what it is you want to hear! Partnering with KEXP, one of Seattle's original indie radio stations, is a beautiful partnership of your money and your music.

Sounds of Philanthropy

KEXP (an affiliate of the University of Washington), like BECU, began with humble roots. Forming in 1972 in a small 10 watt station, KEXP has grown over the years into an innovative, influential cultural force in the Seattle community and beyond.

Sound of Community

Being involved with new artists, creating gathering spaces for the Seattle community and even hosting performances that foster discussion and unity is all part of KEXP's mission to immerse our community in a variety of music. BECU is thrilled to get involved with a kind of organization that celebrates diversity, unites its community and is passionate about the way music brings people together.

The station, offers popular artists, emerging bands and more than 40 DJs to keep the sounds fresh and unique. Some of those unique sounds are from emerging artists not traditionally supported by commercial sponsorship. Yet KEXP seeks just that kind of musician, and the chance to boost their artistic journey with a channel in which they can share their music.

It's exciting to know the music of our city is fueled by BECU's commitment to community support. It's yet one more way we can deliver on our commitment of “people helping people” – it's the credit union way, and it's the very principle on which we were founded.

Sounds of Neighborhood Financial Centers

Next time you visit your local BECU, take a moment. Listen. What do you hear? From the sweet twang of Don Slack's Thursday hour, eclectic songs with afternoon's Kevin Cole or rocking out with the weekend's Troy Nelson, BECU is streaming 90.3 KEXP. We're proud to support KEXP's in-studio series, and to also hear it in our local branches!

See the varied programs BECU helps sponsor at KEXP.org, and visit their YouTube channel to see past performances.

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