Mariners Financial Simulation

Financial Literacy Night

Budgeting and baseball come together in one night on Tuesday, Aug. 15 at the Mariners game versus the Orioles!

Is your teen ready for financial independence? We can help! BECU is committed to empowering youth with the ability to manage their money confidently and responsibly. We offer a hands-on, interactive budgeting simulation. As an added reward, we're offering two Mariners tickets and two $10 concession vouchers for completing the Financial Reality Fair.

During the simulation, you'll make the sort of real-life budgeting decisions people face every day. Staying within the means of your assigned career, choose which housing, transportation, clothing, and other purchases make sense for you and your family. It's eye-opening and extremely helpful for any youth about to embark in the real world.


Date: Tuesday, August 15

  • 4:15 Check-in
  • 4:45 Budgeting simulation begins (please arrive by this time)
  • Game starts at 7:10 pm

Cost: Free

  • Each teen and guest must attend the budgeting simulation in order to receive their ticket and $10 concession voucher provided by BECU


  • Teens (ages 13–19) and a guest; you must RSVP by August 8. The guest may be another teen or a parent/guardian. 

WHERE: Safeco Field

  • 1250 1st Ave S; Seattle, WA 98134 
  • The BECU Reality Fair will take place in the Ellis Pavilion, please arrive at the third-base entry.


  • Create a successful budget using hypothetical life situations
  • Decide how to manage your money based on income
  • Learn helpful money management skills

This budgeting simulation is conducted through a free app. Participants will be required to download this app onto their smartphone/tablet and bring it with them to the event. 


Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
You do not need to print your Financial Literacy Night tickets, please select "will call" as your ticket option. Doors do not open until 4:15 pm at the earliest.

Do I need to purchase a ticket to the Mariners game that night in order to participate in the budgeting simulation?
No, each registered teen and guest who attend the budgeting simulation will receive a Mariners vs. Orioles ticket and $10 concession voucher for free! Additional tickets can be purchased directly through the Mariners.

What if I miss the Financial Reality Fair – may I still show up for the game?
The Mariners ticket and concession voucher are reserved for those who attended the Financial Literacy Night before the game.

Can my parent attend with me?
Yes, please have your parent register for a parent ticket, so we know how many teens will be in attendance. If your parent would like to participate in the budgeting simulation themselves, you will each need separate devices.

Do I need to download the budgeting simulation app on my own smartphone/tablet before arriving to the event?

To expedite check-in time, we ask that you download the free app before arriving to the event. Instructions for downloading this app will be emailed upon registration.

Can I participate if I do not have a smartphone/tablet to use for the budgeting simulation?

Devices will be available upon check-in at no cost and must be returned when the simulation has concluded. Supply is limited so we ask that you bring your personal device if you are able.

Who can I contact with questions?
BECU Community Relations at 206-439-5910 or