Early Saver Member Story: Paisley

Member Spotlight: Early Saver Paisley W.

Paisley W., age 3, is saving for something big. It’s not a doll. It’s not a scooter. No, she’s dreaming bigger: a ball. A Winter Ball, complete with floral gown, Valentine theme and of course, lots of dancing.

It's entirely possible – after all, Paisley is no stranger to saving.

Recently Paisley and her parents shared her member story of raking in $67 in lemonade sales, funds that she dutifully divvied up to save, share and spend (a philosophy we're huge fans of). The spend? A purple-and-pink bike. The save? The Winter Ball fund. But the share portion is what really gets us.

“I wanted grapes for the elephants,” declares Paisley as she holds her mom Tara's hand. Paisley, along with her parents, delivered 10% of Paisley's lemonade-stand earnings to the Point Defiance Zoo, an experience  that clearly resonates with Paisley today. The zoo invited Paisley onsite (see photo), and Paisley learned that no matter how small a donation – or person –a difference can be made in the world.

Early Saver Member Story: Paisley at the Zoo

Now in the lobby of BECU's Tukwila Financial Center, Paisley and Tara have arrived to deposit Paisley's remaining funds into her Early Saver account. While she has yet to turn four, Paisley is one of our youngest Early Savers. and already has a head start on setting goals, budgeting, and saving—a great foundation for her financial future.

Paisley wrapped up her visit to BECU by making her deposit. Paisley is a little reluctant giving her money to a teller – she'd rather hide it in her bank.

After all, balls don't come cheap. We just hope you save a dance for us, Paisley.

Early Saver Member Story: Paisley and her Mom

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