DocuSign Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access the form if I don't want to go through the security questions?

We need to verify your identity in order for you to submit a form online using an electronic signature. You can avoid answering security questions by submitting a snapshot or image file of a government-issued photo ID or U.S. passport. Alternatively, you can complete a PDF version of the form and either fax, mail, or return the form in person at any BECU location. Visit the Forms or Business Forms page.

What can I do if I don't have a government-issued ID or passport? Can I use a different ID?

We can only accept a snapshot or image file of your government-issued photo ID or your current U.S. passport. Alternatively, you can answer security questions using knowledge-based authentication (KBA) to verify your identity online for most forms.

Does BECU or DocuSign retain a copy of my identification when using ID Verification (IDV)?

BECU and DocuSign do not retain a copy of your photo ID from the validation process.

Is my information saved if I start the process but don't complete it? Can I access my partially-completed form later?

Unfortunately, there isn't a way to save a form to access again later. If you are unable to complete and sign the form, please return to the Forms or Business Forms page and click the eSign link to restart the process.

How long will this take me to fill out?

The length of time to complete a form takes on average about eight minutes, depending on the request. As a best practice, collect any required documentation needed to complete the form before beginning. After 20 minutes of inactivity, you'll need to restart the process.

How long should the form take to process?

The time it takes to process the form will vary depending on the request and the number of signers. In general, it takes BECU up to 10 business days to process requests.

Is my signature available for future documents?

You can create an account with DocuSign to store your signature so you can use it for future form requests. Depending on browser settings, some browsers will copy an existing signature when your name and email address match what was previously used.

Can minors sign DocuSign forms?

Members must be 18 years of age or older to sign DocuSign forms. Exceptions can be made for emancipated minors, but in general, minors need to visit a BECU location and have a parent or guardian sign or co-sign the form.

How will I know when my form has been completed/processed?

BECU doesn't currently have a way to generate an automatic electronic notification when your form has been processed. To check on the status of a form, contact us. Please allow 10 business days before contacting BECU.

Where can I get help with DocuSign?

DocuSign has a dedicated support page to assist users with resetting email and passwords and managing documents. Visit for more information.