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Video Banking

Enjoy BECU financial services from the comfort of your home.

Get Live, Personalized Service from Any Location

BECU members can fulfill financial needs from the comfort of home or any location. Meet with a BECU Video Banking Consultant “on-demand” or schedule an appointment for a later time.

Video Banking Services

We can assist you virtually with the following services. If you're seeking a service that isn't on this list, please call 800-233-2328 to ask how we can help.

  • New membership.
  • Loans.
  • Mortgage inquiries.
  • Account inquiries.

The following services are not offered via Video Banking:

  • Notary, signature guarantee and wires.

Video Banking Hours

Mon-Fri, 9 am-6 pm

Prepare For Video Banking

Gather your paperwork and prepare to meet with a Video Banking Consultant.

Technical requirements:

  • Access to a microphone and camera-enabled device.
  • Join from a desktop or mobile device.

Personal information:

  • Valid ID.
  • Personal email address to receive and sign documents online.

Get Started

If you have verified the technical and personal information requirements you're ready to meet with a Video Banking Consultant.

Please take a moment to open and read the Electronic Communications Disclosure and Consent (the “E-Consent”) PDF.

By selecting I Consent - Start Video Banking below, you agree that you have (1) have reviewed, read and given your consent to the E-Consent; (2) meet and will continue to meet the Hardware and Software requirements in the E-Consent, including that you are able to view an either print or save .PDF files; (3) have printed or saved a copy of the E-Consent for your records; and (4) for purposes of receiving e-mail notifications, you have a valid e-mail address and will notify BECU if your e-mail address changes.

If you are not ready to meet with a Video Banking Consultant now, you can schedule an appointment online, or call BECU at 800-233-2328.

Notice to Members who are Visually Impaired

If you are visually impaired and intend to use a screen reader while using BECU's Glia Video Banking, there are three areas where you may experience some inconvenience:

  • When you are joining the call, there is a button labeled simply “button”; this button allows you to close the “wait” window if desired.
  • When you are on hold, there is no audio control function to prevent the hold music from interfering with the screen reader.
  • The tab to upload a file is out of order and does not indicate which direction to tab in order to upload the file.

BECU is working diligently with the vendor to correct these issues. If you find them to be too inconvenient, you may consider using BECU's online banking or mobile application instead.