Alexa Skill Launch

Alexa, What's My Account Balance?

With the addition of the new BECU skill, members are be able to check balances and transaction history on their BECU accounts through Alexa.

You can already view your BECU account in a number of ways, but what if you added asking a question or saying a command to that list?

Using the BECU skill for Alexa, you can do just that. BECU recently launched a new Alexa skill that makes it even easier to track your spending. Once you enable the BECU skill from the Alexa Skills store on your Alexa app, get started by opening a BECU skill session by saying “Alexa, open BECU”. Once open, you can use Alexa to interact with your accounts in a variety of ways. Commands include:

  • Alexa:
    • Open BECU
      • List my accounts
      • What are my transactions for checking account ending in XXXX?
      • List recent transactions for checking account ending in XXXX
      • What's my balance for auto loan ending in XXXX?
      • What's my balance for my home equity line of credit ending in XXXX?
    • Close BECU”

You can also open a BECU skill session using a single question:

  • “Alexa, ask BECU for a list of my accounts”
  • “Alexa, ask BECU for recent transactions for checking account ending in XXXX”

By using these new skills, checking up on your most important financial details is always within reach. Even better – it's always within earshot. To get started, just visit the BECU skill details page. If you need help getting started, read this page for assistance with enabling and managing skills. We're listening to your feedback as well – if you have a suggestion to make this feature even better, send it to us via the Member Idea Exchange.