Dine out for Life

BECU Member Hallava Falafel Is Giving Back with Dining Out for Life

Joining Dining Out For Life? Read about one of the event’s participants, BECU member food truck – and Seattle staple – Hallava Falafel.

Hallava Falafel has operated in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood since 2006, when “food trucks were thought to be roach coaches,” explains James Barrington with a laugh.  James and his wife Valerie are known for their shawarma, a type of gyro that comes packed with a punch. Even their falafel and twice-fried French fries have more “pow” than your everyday offering.

James is popular among food truck devotees, not just for his tuned-up falafel, but background in helping others: He serves on the state's Labor & Industries board and is the president of the Seattle Food Truck Alliance, aiding new and current food-truck owners run their business. “There's so much you don't know you don't know,” says James.

It's that same spirit of helping others that motivates the Barringtons – and BECU business members – to participate in events such as the BECU-sponsored Dining Out For Life. “We love to get involved,” says Valerie. “It's really important for us to invest and put our money where our mouth is. We support other local businesses, whether it's other food trucks, local vendors or where we're putting our money. Dining Out For Life is another example of how BECU and our business are aligned.”

Dine out for Life

Hosted by the Seattle-based non-profit, Lifelong, Dining Out For Life sponsored by BECU returns for its 24th year on April 27, and businesses, including Hallava Falafel, will donate a portion of their proceeds to the cause. Hallava plans to donate 50% of its sales to support individuals facing serious illness and poverty. BECU encourages its members to dine out on April 27 (and test their taste buds against Hallava's spices!). Find the list of participating restaurants and food trucks here.

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