BECU & Community Impact

Fueled by our purpose, we are committed to supporting the financial well-being of our members and communities through financial education programs and philanthropic funding. Our goals are creating financially resilient communities and empowering Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) and other underserved populations. Here's how.

Inspired Financial Health

Every year, thousands of BECU and community members enroll in our educational programs designed to build savings, confidence and capacity. In 2023, nearly 13,500 teens and adults accessed our financial health programs in many ways, including financial coaching and counseling services.

Over 3,000 high school and college students participated in a BECU class, webinar or Financial Reality Fair, where they gained real-world planning, saving and budgeting skills through an interactive simulation of adult life.

Another 3,600 adults received free financial education via online modules and in-person sessions. Open to everyone — not just BECU members — the courses include budgeting, small business and first-time homebuying.

Created Financially Resilient Communities

Our philanthropic programs consistently empower and enable financial well-being in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. In 2023, we committed $8.4 million in cash and in-kind donations to hundreds of member- and employee-inspired giving and community nonprofits.

Funded Philanthropy

We support local nonprofit partners that help our communities not only survive but thrive. Nonprofit organizations provide job training, mentor inspirational entrepreneurs, encourage students pursuing a postsecondary education and disperse financial wisdom.

Our financial health philanthropic funding focused on the following key areas in 2023:

  • Postsecondary Education and College Access
  • Safe and Affordable Access to Financial Services
  • Financial Education and Literacy
  • Entrepreneur Access and Development
  • Workforce Development
  • Housing Stability and Homeownership

Advanced Equity

Community Equity Commitment: We prioritize community investment with a racial equity focus to address financial and racial inequities in our communities. We're improving lives through increasing equitable access to resources and results.

Now in year four of a five-year commitment of $5 million, BECU's Black Community Development Project (BCDP) gave $1 million to nonprofit organizations improving the Black community's overall emotional, physical and financial health and well-being. A Black leader heads each nonprofit and employs a multicultural staff representative of the communities served.

Honored Member Passions

Since launching the People Helping People Awards program in 2013, BECU has donated more than $4.1 million to over 145 local nonprofits.

In 2023, 71 nonprofits were granted a total of $525,000 through the program. BECU received nearly 900 nominations for nonprofits in Washington, Idaho, Oregon and South Carolina. Thank you for your nominations and votes — we're excited to see who you nominate in 2024!

Focused on a Greener Future

As part of our sustainability efforts this past year, BECU's Sustainability Office also donated an additional $30,000 to six Washington nonprofits focused on environmental restoration and management, environmental justice and sustainable agriculture.

Supported Solutions

The BECU Foundation is an independent nonprofit 501 (c)(3) corporation that provides grants and scholarships with support from BECU. In 2023, the BECU Foundation supported secondary education, housing stability and green equity initiatives.

  • Awarded Student Scholars
    Since 1995, the BECU Foundation has awarded $4.5 million in BECU Foundation Scholarships to over 1,450 BECU student members.
  • Helped with Housing Stability
    In 2023, we provided $875,000 in Housing Stability Grants to eight local nonprofits combating hardships contributing to homelessness. Recipients direct those funds toward preventing eviction and housing loss using rent assistance, home repairs, housing counseling, landlord-tenant mediation and other services.
  • Sustainability Giving
    Through the Green Equity Initiative Grant program, we extended awards between $50,000 and $100,000 to support seven public nonprofits for a total of nearly $800,000.

Check out our 2023 Annual Report to Membership to learn more.