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About ATM and Debit Daily Limits

For security, all members have daily limits on debit transactions and ATM withdrawals. Discover where to see your limits and how to request an exception.

About Daily Access Limits

Maybe it's happened to you: BECU debit card in hand, you're ready to make a big purchase for a high dollar amount - only to have your transaction declined at checkout. You're confused because you know you have the money available in your account.

In this situation, your transaction was likely declined because the amount exceeded your daily access limits. These limits are specific to the accounts on which you are the primary account holder. Every debit transaction or withdrawal from your accounts each day is counted toward your daily limits, including transactions completed by other signers on your accounts. If you attempt to make a purchase or withdrawal that would cause you to exceed the daily limit amount, your transaction will be declined unless you have requested and received a temporary exception.

Daily access limits protect you and BECU if fraud occurs in your account. Most financial institutions have similar controls in place. For example, if you lost your debit card and someone found and used it before you reported it missing, your daily limits would restrict the amount that could be fraudulently taken from your account.

How To See Your Daily Access Limits

You received a letter with your daily access limits when you opened your account. Recently, we also made this information available to primary account holders in Online Banking. Note: Access limits are not viewable in Business Online Banking.

Follow the steps below to view your access limits:

  1. Log in to Online Banking and click Manage Your Debit Card under Related Tasks on the Account Summary screen.
  2. For security, you may be asked to verify your identity before proceeding. Follow the onscreen prompts.
  3. Next, click Agree and Continue

On the Manage Your Debit Card screen, you will see your ATM withdrawal and transaction limits, as well as your usage of each for that day.

  • ATM withdrawal limit: The amount of money you may withdraw from an ATM in a single day.
  • Transaction limit: The amount you may access per day for purchases and cash back using a debit card. The limit applies to all transactions, whether you enter your PIN or sign at the point of purchase.

If you are a joint account holder but have no BECU accounts of your own, you will not see daily access limits in Online Banking.

Sample image of ATM and debit daily access limits displayed in Online Banking.
Sample image of daily access limits displayed in Online Banking.

Requesting a Daily Access Limit Exception

You can request an exception to your daily limit if you need to withdraw a large sum from the ATM or make a high-dollar purchase with your debit card. To request an exception, you must be the primary account holder, joint or authorized signer, or adult signer on a minor's account. Minors cannot request access limit exceptions.

To request a temporary exception, call 800-233-2328 or send us a message using Messenger in Online Banking or the mobile app. A representative will request some information to determine if we can approve the exception and for what period of time the exception can be granted.

Any time a limit change is requested, we will automatically mail a disclosure letter to the primary account holder. If you ever receive a disclosure for a limit change you did not request, contact us immediately.